Friday, June 1, 2007

Jenna Jameson

I'm going to see if I can demonstrate the effectiveness of wet-wipes while being as non-gross as possible. I think, for the first order of business I'm going to try and rent a sex toy so I'll have at something vaguely human to try it out on. I know what you're thinking- how in the hell could you rent a sex toy? Doesn't that sound disgusting? Certainly it does. And yet, no kidding, there's a real netflix for sex toys. I've got a suspicion that I will be the only customer when I sign up (and for reasons which probably have little to do with their business M.O.) Here's the page (it's hilarious- I sent it out to my friends about 1 year ago just for that netflix-esque picture above.) I'm pretty sure I'm going to rent the "Jenna Jameson A**/P***y" because that way I can try out wet wipes on vaginas and butts at the same time (and while not a "model ass"- it's actually kind of close in both senses.) I bet whatever disgusting stuff Jenna knew she was going to be dealing with, she never thought she'd deal with a "pretend her ass is dirty and she's trying to clean it" demonstration. I'll keep you posted.